I020. Hajar and Ismail found Zamzam water


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  • Title: I020. Hajar and Ismail found Zamzam water
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I020. Hajar and Ismail found Zamzam water

I020. Hajar and Ismail found Zamzam water
I020. Hajar and Ismail found Zamzam water

Siti Hajar and Ismail Discover the Zam Zam Water Well

Allah SWT told Prophet Ibrahim AS to take his wife Siti Hajar and son Ismail to Mecca.

Siti Hajar and Ismail, who were still small, were then left in the middle of the desert with only a little food.

Then, Ismail cried because he was thirsty.

Siti Hajar was running between Shafa Hill and Marwah Hill.

Up to seven times to look for drinking water.

Allah, the Most Merciful, then sent the Angel Gabriel there.

Jibril planted his feet as hard as he could on the ground.

Then suddenly, from the soles of Jibril’s feet, strong water gushed out.

The water is so clear and never dries up.

The spring is called zam zam water.

After there was a Zam Zam water source, the place gradually became busy.

Now Siti Hajar and Ismail don’t feel lonely anymore.

Allah, the Most Merciful, gives grace and prosperity to those who believe and fear Him.

“Proclaim to My servants that indeed I am the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” (QS. Al Hijr: 49)



The Merciful

  • He who acts with extreme kindness. The name Ar-Raheem (in Arabic: ٱلْرَّحِيْمُ) comes from the same root as Ar-Rahman which refers to Allah’s attribute of being Merciful. Although similarly related the meanings are different. Ar-Rahman can be understood to refer to Allah as the origination/source of all mercy, whereas Ar-Raheem refers to its sustaining/infiniteness. Some view the name of Ar-Raheem as being merciful to His creation deserving of mercy (primarily the mercy reserved for the believers).
  • The Bestower of Mercy. Reciting it after Fajr prayer 100 times will keep the person safe from all tribulation. Moreover, he will find everyone benevolent towards him.
  • Whoever recites Yaa Rahim a hundred times after the morning prayer. With Allah’s permission, everyone will be friendly and kind to him. And if read seven times. So, he will be under Allah’s protection. Then, after each fardu prayer, read it a hundred times. So, God will love him. Wallaahu’alam.


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I020. Hajar and Ismail found Zamzam waterI020. Hajar and Ismail found Zamzam water
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